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Our acrobatic team consists of a group of students that excel in tumbling, control work and contortion/ flexibility. Our team members are required to take 2 acrobatics classes. While ballet is not a requirement we highly suggest each of our team members to take a technique class to strengthen their skills in acrobatics. All auditioning students are required to have a front and back walkover. This team travels throughout the New England Area, competing at regional and national competitions! 


OUR                         TEAM


Abigail Byington - Edited.jpg
Ali Remeika - Edited.jpg
Kacey Needham  - Edited.jpg
Mazie Shurtleff - Edited.jpg
Emmalyn Rossi - Edited.jpg
Emma Johnson - Edited.jpg
Lydia Magliocco - Edited.jpg
Cassie Sergi - Edited.jpg
Madison Burt - Edited.jpg
Alyssa Dimaroi - Edited.jpg
Allie Waggenheim - Edited.jpg
Quinnlynn Vadenais - Edited.jpg
Kaitlyn Mello - Edited.jpg
Hailey Petit - Edited.jpg
Kyley Hastings - Edited.jpg
Maddie Heon - Edited.jpg
Chloe Bousquet - Edited.jpg
Riley Marques - Edited.jpg
Caroline Needham - Edited.jpg
Kingsley Kaiser - Edited.jpg
Liliana Shallcross - Edited.jpg
Serena Ogowan - Edited.jpg
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