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We offer a competitive dance team to those students that wish to pursue dance on a more serious level. Each season, students are chosen based on their basic technique skills, focus and commitment in the classroom, and eagerness to learn. 

Our Goal.... is to further our education as performers by learning from judge's critiques, and to take our dance education to a higher level, but most importantly sharing team spirit and friendships to last a lifetime!



Our TDF Hip Hop Crew is an amazing program for kids and teenagers who are skilled in the styles of Hip Hop and Commercial Dance. With choreographer Julia Gillis, students learn and grow by competing at 3 regional competitions, as well as 1 national competition. Each year, auditions are taken place to select specific dancers to represent this team. Those students learn about commitment, discipline, and team work all the while creating memories to last a lifetime.



Our acrobatic team consists of a group of students that excel in tumbling, control work and contortion/ flexibility. Our team members are required to take 2 acrobatics classes. While ballet is not a requirement we highly suggest each of our team members to take a technique class to strengthen their skills in acrobatics. All auditioning students are required to have a front and back walkover. This team travels throughout the New England Area, competing at regional and national competitions! 




Our theatre program is all about finding and creating physical, mental, and emotional creativity. With teacher/ director Gregory Gillis, The curriculum focuses on the breaking down of a scene, interpretation of a character, and body movement on the stage. Students will take part in acting games, improvisations, monologues and scene study. This lets students imaginations' soar! Apart of this program includes singing technique, and learning how to act and tell a story through song. This class is offered to students 7 years and up.

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