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Learn how to become a great performer in our
Musical Theatre Program. . .

  Our theatre program is all about finding and creating physical, mental, and emotional creativity. With teacher/ director Jennifer Gillis, with Kourtney Roque and Markia Furtado-Rahill, our curriculum focuses on the breaking down of a scene, interpretation of a character, and body movement on the stage. Students will take part in acting games, improvisations, monologues and dialogues. This lets students imaginations' soar! Apart of this program includes singing technique, and learning how to act and tell a story through song.This class is offered to students 7 years and up.


Each year, All students partake in a showcase performance (held separately from our dance recital). We make sure each student receives a role in the performance that will showcase them best. They must also take part in a mandatory fundraiser ($75 per member) in which all funds go towards construction sets, costumes, etc.

 This is the only mandatory fundraiser we have at our facility.

Highlights from our 2022 Showcase Performance... 

To watch our full performance, send us a message

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