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Here at The Dance Factory, we offer a competitive dance team to those students that wish to pursue dance on a more serious level. Each season, students are chosen based on their basic technique skills, focus and commitment in the classroom, and eagerness to learn. Before joining our team, we meet with each student and parent to review all that is expected of our team members. Our Competitive Contract outlines all rules and obligations for our entire season so that parents can feel confident when making a final decision.

Our Goal.... is to further our education as performers by learning from judge's critiques, and to take our dance education to a higher level, but most importantly sharing team spirit and friendships to last a lifetime!

Students will audition every year for proper placement and eligibility to become a member of this team, with feedback and tips on how to improve.

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Auditions are held every year for new as well as reoccurring students who were already on the team the previous year, in order for all instructors to make sure each student is in the proper class/group placement for them to improve.


This is also a great experience for students to learn how to present themselves in an audition environment.



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