This past year, all of us were blindsided by the global pandemic, COVID-19, that came our way. Before we expected it, the studio doors had to close, and our 2020 season had to end short. Schools were closed, we were all isolated in our homes, and had to keep on teaching and dancing virtually through Zoom classes. 

If a student or parent has been diagnosed with COVID - 19, please contact us immediately and do not bring your child to class.

Please call our studio, (401)724 - 6692, as well as sending us an email to

If a student has been exposed to COVID - 19, please send us an email and do not have them come to class.


COVID- 19 Testing Information:

Now that we have finished our 2021 season, and started our NEW season, we want to make sure that we stay safe, healthy, and in the studio learning and growing, especially with the weather changing and more students participating. Take a look at our Safety Procedure Video that we created October 2020.

Slowly but surely, Rhode Island had been creatively finding ways to stay safe while opening business doors, including TDF, again. Our summer program ran so smooth, with mask coverings and constantly cleaning our space. We were even capable of safely running our Three Week Acro Intensive!


TDF still holds a mask mandate in order to participate in classes/enter the building. 


Staying Safe during covid-19