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 Want to be a part of a great team? Our TDF Hip Hop Crew is an amazing program for kids and teenagers who are skilled in the styles of Hip Hop and Commercial Dance. 

Students learn and grow by competing at 3 regional competitions, as well as 1 national competition. Each year, auditions are taken place to select specific dancers to represent this team. Those students learn about commitment, discipline, and team work all the while creating memories to last a lifetime.

OUR                       CREW



Lydia Magliocco - Edited.jpg
Riley Marques - Edited.jpg
Isabel Urugutia - Edited - Edited.jpg
Hailey Petit - Edited.jpg
Alexis Belanger - Edited.jpg
Abigail Byington - Edited.jpg
Emma Fetters - Edited.jpg
Lily Schmidts - Edited.jpg
Cassie Sergi - Edited.jpg
Natalie Daniels - Edited.jpg
Julia Mandeville - Edited.jpg
Sophia Nadeau - Edited.jpg
Riley Baesmann - Edited.jpg
Bella Rodrigues - Edited.jpg
Marley Lopes - Edited.jpg
Kaitlyn Mello - Edited.jpg
Olivia Carney - Edited.jpg
Grace Barrows - Edited.jpg
Aline Girard - Edited.jpg
Serena Ogowan - Edited.jpg
Chloe Bousquet - Edited.jpg


Kyla Sorel - Edited.jpg
Kinsley Giguere - Edited.jpg
Lauren Barrows - Edited.jpg
Harper Schmidt - Edited.jpg
Olivia Choiniere - Edited.jpg
Madison Burt - Edited.jpg
Emmalyn Rossi - Edited.jpg
Sophia Ogowan - Edited.jpg
Emma Johnson - Edited.jpg
Mason Sergi - Edited.jpg
Zelfa Naddaf - Edited.jpg
Maddie Heon - Edited.jpg
Liliana Shallcross - Edited.jpg
Brynnlee Ricci - Edited - Edited.jpg
Celene Arias - Edited.jpg
Kingsley Kaiser - Edited.jpg
Alyssa Dimaroi - Edited.jpg
Mazie Shurtleff - Edited.jpg
Victoria Lopes - Edited.jpg


Jendaliz Morales - Edited.jpg
paige Craveiro - Edited.jpg
Makayla Heon - Edited.jpg
Avery Machado - Edited.jpg
Sophie Cartier - Edited.jpg
Gabrielle Bracken - Edited.jpg
Quinnlynn Vadenais - Edited.jpg
Marlie Daniels - Edited.jpg
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