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How To Join Our Livestream Watch Party!

Want to Join our Livestream event on January 17th? Here is HOW!

1.) Start by logging on any web browser with your mobile or desktop device and go on to our website,!

2.) Once you’ve arrived to our website, scroll onto the top menu section and find the “GALLERY” section, once you have found that, click to arrive to our “VIDEO” page.

3.) There you have now found the place to launch and join our livestream. Click on the “Join the Livestream Now! Button”. That will direct you to add that private code in order to watch.

4.) Type in that private code. If you don’t have the private code, contact us by emailing

5.)The last step is to sign into your website account through your email, Facebook, or Gmail account! And that’s it, you’re FINALLY able to celebrate and party it up!

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