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Groove Competition Results

Congratulations to our soloists who competed at Groove Dance this weekend!


Intermediate Mini Solo 1st Placement - The Square Root of Possible, Jendaliz M.

3rd Placement - Supermodel, Makayla H.

4th Placement - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat, Sophie C.

Intermediate Mini Duo/Trio

1st Placement - 1,2,3

Intermediate Petite Solo 5th Placement - I Like It, Mason C

Competitive Petite Solo 1st Placement - Home, Kingsley K.

4th Placement - Quiet, Sophia O.

5th Placement - The Mad Hatter, Liliana S.

Competitive Petite Duo/Trio 1st Placement - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Competitive Junior Solo 4th Placement - Ultraluminary, Emmalyn R.

9th Placement - Wondering, Maddie H.

10th Placement - Waiting In The Wings, Mazie S.

Competitive Junior Duo/Trio

3rd Placement - Some Things Are Meant To Be

Competitive Teen Solo 7th Placement - Love Me Love Me Not, Isabel U.

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